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Gas hot water system in Penrith

Hot Water Systems

Penrith | The Blue Mountains | Sydney

Your go-to trusted plumber for hot water system repairs & servicing for over 10+ years! When it comes to ensuring your home’s comfort, we’ve got the “hot” solutions.


Our team of experienced plumbers specialises in installing a wide range of hot water systems, from traditional tank-style heaters to modern tankless models. We pride ourselves on providing fast, affordable, and high-quality installation services that will keep your hot water flowing for years to come. Contact us today to schedule your installation appointment!

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Types Of Hot
Water Systems

Hot water systems come in various types, each has its own set of advantages and considerations. Here are the most common types:


Electric Hot Water Systems

These systems are highly efficient. They are cost-effect for smaller households but may lead to higher energy bills in the larger homes.


Gas Hot Water Systems

Gas systems are best known for their rapid heating capability and cost-efficiency. They’re ideal for larger families or homes with higher hot water demands.


Solar Hot Water Systems

Environmentally friend and cost-effective in the long run. Solar systems utilize the sun’s energy to heat your water. They can be a substantial investment initially but offer substantial savings over time.


Heat Pumps Water Heaters

These systems work by transferring heat from the air to the water. They are energy-efficient and eco-friendly making them a popular choice for those looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

Our Brands

Rheem Hot Water Systems
Rinnai hot water system - Same Day Hot Water
Thermann Hot Water System
Dux Hot Water Systems
Vulcan Hot Water
Aquamax gas hot water heaters
Bosch hot water unit
Electric Stiebel Eltron hot water units
Quantum heat pump systems
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Emergency Hot Water Repairs

For emergency hot water repairs rely on our swift and professional services. Our dedicated team of professional hot water specialists are available around the clock to address any urgent issues with your hot water system. Whether there’s a sudden fault, a major leak or any other emergency - we will promptly respond, diagnose the problem and implement efficient repairs to restore your hot water supply. Don't let a hot water emergency disrupt your day – contact us now for immediate assistance and get back to enjoying the comfort of hot water.

"Had Matt from Resolved Plumbing arrive at my house this morning to install a new storage hot water system as old one was broken and leaking, he did a great job and had cleaned up after himself was very friendly. Great job will definitely recommend."


When was the last time you gave your hot water system some TLC? 

Regular servicing of your hot water system is essential to ensure it’s longevity, efficiency and safety. We recommend scheduling annual maintenance which includes:

1. Flushing and Cleaning: Removing Sediment buildup.

2. Checking for Leaks: Identifying and fixing any leaks to prevent water wastage.

3. Inspecting Electrical Components: Making sure it’s in working order and safe.

4. Testing Valve Wear: Most hot water systems have valves installed with them. Such as a temperature and pressure relief (TPR) valve, sacrificial anode, tempering valve, pilot light, pressure limiting valve and Isolation valves. These components should be routinely checked and replaced if there is any sign of failure.

Book in a FREE complimentary inspection and increase the longevity of your system!

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2. Get same day service each and every time! We'll come to you where and when you need us.

3. There's no job too big or too small! We'll resolve your plumbing issue promptly and effectively.

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