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Pipe Relining

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Pipe relining is an innovative and efficient method used to repair damaged or deteriorating pipes without the need for traditional, invasive excavation. Instead of digging up the old pipes, pipe relining involves inserting a new, durable lining material into the existing pipes. This lining material is then cured in place to create a strong, seamless, and long-lasting inner layer.


Essentially it's like giving your old pipes a second life without the disruption and cost associated with extensive digging. Pipe relining is a popular choice for fixing issues like cracks, leaks and root intrusion in sewer and other drainage systems. Offering a more environmentally friendly and less intrusive solution for plumbing problems.

Benefits Of
Trenchless Relining

First and foremost, relining is a cost-effective drain repair solution. 

Traditional methods of repairing pipes involve excavation, which can be time-consuming, messy and expensive. With the innovation of relining, there's no need for digging up your yard, garden or driveways. This means less hassle for you and more money saved in the process. Who wouldn't want to keep their hard-earned dollars in their wallet?


Not only is relining a cost-effective option but it's also a timesaving one. The traditional pipe repair process can take days, if not weeks, to complete. Relining on the other hand, can be done in a matter of hours. Imagine the convenience of having your sewer or stormwater drain system fixed without disrupting your daily routine for an extended period. With relining, you'll have your plumbing drains back up and running in no time.


One of the most significant benefits of relining is its durability. The materials used in relining are designed to last for decades. This means you can forget about constantly worrying about your pipes and enjoy the peace of mind. Whether it's tree root intrusion, grease, corrosive substances or extreme temperatures - relining can withstand it all. 


After successfully completing any pipe relining project, we provide our customers with a

30 Year Warranty Certificate.

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A Recent Project We Completed!

Recently we successfully completed a drain reline repair for one of our valued customers in Glenbrook. Our task involved performing a 150mm diameter reline on a root infested terracotta sewer boundary shaft that extended 4 meters vertically deep. 

This proactive approach saved our customer from incurring significant expenses associated with extensive excavations/machines and the disruption to their gardens surrounding the project site.

Don't dig. Consider relining your drain pipes to potentially save yourself thousands of dollars. With 10+ years of relining experience Contact the professionals at Resolved Plumbing for a complimentary inspection and quote.

"I'm absolutely delighted with the exceptional workmanship from the Resolved Plumbing team. The relining was a seamless process with minimal disruption and the peace of mind it brough was priceless.

Not only did I save myself a significant amount of money and time. They also went above and beyond to preserve the integrity of my garden. Their professionalism and attention to detail made all the difference. I highly recommend their services to anyone that's seeking drain repairs.


Why Pipe Relining?


Reinforces the integrity to damaged or broken drain pipes - stopping leaks, future root intrusion & misalignments.


Our relines come with a 30 year warranty & have a remarkable 50 year life expectancy.


Minimal disruptions to existing surfaces, the environment and your garden.


Applicable for residential, commercial, industrial and strata drains. 


In some circumstances it can increases water flow.


No digging required! Preserve your driveways, floors, landscapes and your budget.

More Of Our Work

Things To Consider Before Excavating & Replacing

It's important to note that excavation and replacement can be a more costly and time-consuming process compared to trenchless repair methods. However, when the severity of the damage warrants it, excavation becomes the most effective solution for restoring the functionality and integrity of the sewer or stormwater drain.

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