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Taps & Toilets

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Your reliable plumbing professionals for tap and toilet repairs & installations for over a decade! When it's about maintaining the functionality of your home we have the right solutions up our sleeve.


The Resolved team specialises in repairing and installing a variety of taps, toilets and related fixtures. From conventional tap designs to advanced water-efficient models - we ensure swift, cost-effective installation services to keep your home's water fixtures running smoothly.


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Bidet Toilet seat installed resolved plumbing

Leaking Toilet Repairs

Is your toilet affected by a never-ending flow of water? Have you ever been asleep and woken up by the noise of your toilet cistern refilling in the middle of the night? Well, we’re the right plumbing experts to get in touch with.

Here’s how our skilled tradesmen at Resolved Plumbing can assist you. Firstly we diagnose the issue and carry out water-pressure tests. We then make swift repairs by replacing the rubber seals or the entire valve itself. 

If you’re looking for exceptional customer service and have your toilet working as good as new. Look no further, we are the best plumbers to repair a leaking toilet.

Did You Know...


Excessive water pressure can be the cause of your leaking taps and toilets.


Simply replacing a washer doesn't always fix a leaking tap.


A staggering 1800+ litres of water can be wasted by a dripping tap!

Plumber fixing leaking tap

Leaking Tap Repairs

Depending on the type and age of your faucet our tradesmen may recommend that replacing the tap is a better option than trying to repair.

Our taps service includes:

Shutting of the main water supply and carrying out one or more of the following: 

  • Replacing the fibre washer, jumper valve and o-rings.

  • Cleaning and greasing the spindle.

  • Grinding back the tap housing.

  • Installing new stainless-steel seats.

  • Replacing the internal mixer cartridge.

Now you can say goodbye to the drip… drip... drip...


Reach out to our professionals at Resolved Plumbing and start saving on your water bill today. 


Why Are My Taps
Making A Banging Sound?

Here are some of the few potential key reasons for water hammer:


Loose Pipes

Over time the clips or brackets holding the pipes in place inside the wall can become loose. Installing water hammer arrestors can help solve this problem.


High Water Pressure

Excessive high water pressure coming from the mains water supply can be a big reason for water hammer. This can be fixed by installing a pressure limiting valve.


Old Tapware & Valves

Over time valves & tapware tend to fail and do need replacement. The jumper valve washers could be rattling in the tap which can also cause water hammer. Easy solution is to replace the tapwasher & valves.

"My parents recommended Resolved Plumbing after they had a Great experience with Matt. He did not disappoint, I had him replace my bathroom and kitchen taps. He did not overcharge and cleaned up after himself."


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